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Croatian Famous People

Croatian Famous People

Nov 19, 2022

Croatia is a beautiful place in the Balkan region known for its unique tourist destinations and people. The people of this country have made some crucial contributions and earned praise from all over the world. Take Nikola Tesla, for instance, who is famous for his assistance in designing the existing alternating-current electricity supply system.

While most people might debate that he was an American citizen, Nikola Tesla was born in the region that we know today as Croatia. He spent his early days in the country before immigrating to the US. And that is just one person that this fantastic country has produced.

Famous Croatian People in Different Fields

Many Croats in different fields have earned a good name and reputation due to their hard work and dedication. Here is an overview of the famous Croatian names in politics.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović - First Female President

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović is a Croatian politician and diplomat who was not only the first female president of the country but also the youngest person to take that position. She started working as a critical government advisor in 1992 for the Ministry of Science and Technology.

After assuming the presidency, she has steered the country out of various issues, such as the European migrant crisis. Additionally, she maintained friendly relations with leaders of various countries.

Franjo Tuđman - First President of Croatia

Franjo Tuđman is a well-known name in Croatian history. He played a significant role in helping Croatia become an independent nation. While some people criticized him for being an authoritarian, he steered his country through the difficult times after the independence.

Famous Croatians in the Field Of Arts and Literature

You’ll find various Croatians acknowledged for their work in arts and literature. Here are a few famous ones.

Ivana Brlic Mazuranic - Famous Writer

Known as “Croatian Andersen,” Ivana Brlic Mazuranic is famous for her impressive literature. Her work even earned her four Nobel Prize nominations.

Her book Priče iz davnine (Croatian Tales of Long Ago) is one of the most notable works. The book was published in 1916 and was adapted into a computerized interactive fiction product.

Bobby Grubic - Famous Writer/Producer in Hollywood

Many Croats made a name for themselves in the Hollywood industry. And Bobby Grubic is one of the famous names in the industry. He was a part of many notable films, and his top hits include Fit to Be Tied (2014) and The Parting Shot (2014).

Arsen Dedic

Apart from being one of the best poets in the nation’s history, Arsen Dedic is also a famous singer and songwriter. He was born in 1958 and remained a famous figure in the Croatian music industry until he died in 2015. Arsen usually focused on the chanson genre and remained popular throughout Croatian households in the 1960s.

Famous Croatians in the Field Of Sports

We cannot ignore the name of athletes that have made a name for themselves in various sports. Take a look at some of the top names with achievements in different sports fields.

Luka Modrić – Captain of the National Football Team

Football is a game that most people love and are passionate about. The country’s national football team made it into the final of the FIFA world cup 2018. While they fell short of becoming the world cup winner, it was a historic moment for many.

It was made possible by Luka Modrić, the team’s captain at the time. His exceptional performance in the World cup helped him earn the Golden Ball. In this year’s edition, he is all set to represent his country in the FIFA World Cup.

Toni Kukoč - Basketball Player

While the country loves soccer more than anything, they also have a star player in the NBA. Toni Kukoč is a versatile player and the first European to play in the NBA. He won the 1996 NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award.

Not just that, but he was also the only player in history to achieve the Euro League Final Four MVP honor thrice. Toni is among the few names that have been star players in Europe and Northern America.

Ivica Kostelic - Olympic Athlete

With a glittering career, Ivica Kostelic is one of the most famous athletes from Croatia. He is a renowned former world cup alpine ski racer with around World Cup podium finishes to his name. He has a long list of achievements, including:

  • Gold Medal winner in World Championship gold medal in slalom (2003)
  • Olympic Silver Medal Winner medal in slalom (2010)
  • Overall World Cup title winner in 2011

Janica Kostelić - Alpine Skier

Janica Kostelić is the sister of Ivica Kostelic, and just like her brother, she has also represented Croatia in various alpine skiing competitions. Her impressive performance at the 2002 Winter Olympics helped her to gain prominence.

She is the first alpine racer to win four medals in a single Olympics. Out of the four, she won three gold medals and one silver medal. In addition to the medals, she has also won three world cup titles.

Goran Ivanisevic - Famous Tennis Player

Goran Ivanisevic is the only player that has won a Wimbledon singles title as a wildcard. He is a former Croatian tennis player that has around 22 career titles to his name. Ivanisevic was famous for his accurate left-handed serve, and many consider him to be one of the best servers in the history of tennis.

He has made it to four Grand Slam finals playing as Singles, out of which he was runner-up three times and won the title once.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the few famous Croatians that are known in their line of work. One thing about Croatia is that it is a country full of beautiful people that are famous for their hospitality. Additionally, the country has various tourist destinations and cuisine that provides a fantastic experience!